Nupur acts brave to save Adhiraj

The 25th February episode of MJHT was a rocking one! Nupur mustered the courage to make Jeetendra Devraj aka JD promise to help them set Adhiraj free! Drama queen as she can be, she used her style to pressurize JD on LIVE television news. Now the ball is in her court.

But the episode ended with a precap of someone about to attack Nupur while Mayank notices it. What next? When are these guys gonna have some peace of mind? Awaiting the 26th February episode.


Poor Gunjan in hospital

Now after a bullet hit her, Gunjan's condition is critical. In the February 16 episode of MJHT, Samrat thinks he's responsible and wonders what on earth can he do to save her. Their friends are trying their best to cheer her up. But I believe Samrat should talk to her in person, now that he has realized what could make her feel better.

Do you think Samrat will ask Gunjan to marry him?


Nupur Mayank's cute wedding night in college!

Friends ho to aise! With Nupur's dad being adamant, her friends saw to it that Nupur and Mayank don't miss on the excitement of their wedding day. They made arrangements and decorated a college room for Nupur and Mayank's special wedding night! I agree thoda zyaada ho gaya, but it was rather cute! Wat do you think?

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